I used have lots of blogs before. But because of all kinds of reasons eg IP, GFW, and other personal reason, I never keep blogging for long.

But this time, I want make some difference. I will keep blogging here for a year and see what will be diffrent.

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While I config my windows live writer, I met some problems.

I didn't know what to fill in for the “你的博客类型” and “你的远程博客服务地址”,I use google for help , but could not find any related info. So I use English for a change , though It was a little bit  difficult for me to translate these Chinese words to English.  But this time I find a QA on Edublogs,  and this message is what I was looking for.   And I leave a comment there.

So if anyone have problem setting up you WLW for writing your Edublogs, you can go http://edublogs.org/forums/topic.php?id=7448&replies=3#post-24679.

It may help.

key word: